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SmartConnect Turns 1

We have turned 1. The past 12 months –no longer just a figure but a firm commitment to a strong vibrant future. It’s been a thrilling roller coaster ride. Lots of ups, a few downs, some brow beating, some hand wringing, a lot of screaming (especially from me!)  But we have come out of it exhilarated, strengthened and charged up for more!

Yes… we will continue to face challenges but also enjoy overcoming them.  That’s exactly what we did “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door“.  We are determined to move forward with the same optimism and self-confessed belief in ourselves, the organisation and our shared dreams and goals. We will continue to innovate, create new paths and come through on our promises to deliver significant value to our clients, partners & associates. That’s what separates the Men from the Boyz!

Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you, partners, clients , associates  and each and everyone who believed in us, in this journey and helped us achieve this ALTITUDE with a bit of an ATTITUDE. And of course, above all, MY TEAM, it’s a pleasure to have you guys on board, through this wonderful journey. Keep up the “Smartyz” spirits high.

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